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Our simple our simple
Our Simple
Onboarding Process
At c2o, we firmly believe that our onboarding process is interactive and personalised. Our agents are highly valued and we understand the importance of their job as they are the ones who interact one-on-one with your customers. Guide to the process:
  1. Agent takes part in “Group Discussions”
  2. On clearance, moves to software training to get equipped with the latest technology. On failing, goes to the HR department.
  3. After achieving successful software training, appears for an assessment on the 5th day.
  4. Upon clearance, the agent is sent to study client SOPS and get phone training for 2 weeks. If the agent failed his/her 5th day assessment, the agent will report to the HR department.
  5. Once the agent successfully completes his/her 2 week training, he/she will be given feedback by the QC department. If the feedback is negative, the agent will go through another 2 weeks of training.
  6. Upon QC department’s positive feedback, the agent will have a telephonic interview with the client.
  7. After a successful interview with the client, the agent will move up to on boarding on Rota , will be assigned to a Service Delivery Manager, and his/her credentials will be sent to HR.
Our world class Talent Hub
Our World Class
Talent Hub
To put it simply, c2o employees are dynamic and driven.They pull together and react at lightning speed in an ever changing environment to manage all unexpected disruptions and challenges. We’re a company powered by our people—all dedicated to helping our clients and solving problems, and all unique and utterly, incredibly great. It is not easy being incredibly great! But that’s our aim and we strive to be the best version of ourselves, each and every day. It’s how we deliver on our vision of making lives better and making each interaction count. At c2o , we do everything we can to support our team members so they can grow and flourish. We believe when the team is at its best, the company is at its best! Happy workers, Happy company!
Our quality control and feedback
Our Quality Control
and Feed Back
Our quality assurance department is second to none –with an established quality management programme that ensures our client‘s success. We have developed our call centre quality monitoring and management systems after years of research and analysis of call center processes.
We Put out or
We Shell out
The brightest star in the
contact centre sky
Simply, the smartest
workforce for growth
If you wish to provide a better Customer Services Experience to your customers, and significantly increase your EBITDA, then feel free to reach out to c2o at sales@c2o.net