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People You Need to Know Contributing to the Pandemic Crisis at Hand

Posted on: 30 August 2021

With COVID-19 spreading faster than ever, affecting more than 200 countries now, it is time we pay attention to some of the measures being implemented and those who are actually working out in the field despite a fearful environment and the risks associated with working in close proximity.

The amount of pressure taken up by all the responsible agencies over the past few months has been immense. Governments have been at the core end of finding solutions to curb the spread of the virus. With measures taken ranging from shutting down airports, announcing lockdowns, and calling for social distancing, governments around the world have been proactive in keeping the lives of its people as their first priority.

On one hand, while citizens consider bans as draconian and undemocratic, leadership across the globe has been at the receiving end of all this. While on the other hand, having to ban most businesses is tightening up federations’ budgets leading to a massive recession in the coming times.

This burden of loss of livelihoods, too, has fallen on the government’s shoulders, whereby worldwide the federation is forced to announce relief packages for its citizens to help them out in this crisis. The United Kingdom came to rescue its workforce by announcing a total of £330 billion ($398 billion) of government-backed loans and guarantees.

On the other side of the globe, Pakistan announced a total of 900 billion rupees ($5.66 billion) for low-income households and wheat procurement, as well as a significant reduction in petroleum prices.

Law enforcing agencies, including police and several other bodies (depending on each country’s regulations), is in charge of making sure the federation’s plans are implemented to their core. This role has seen them patrolling in certain areas of the town, monitoring traffic inflow and outflow, and maintaining proper shutdown times in the town.

Some see this as a source of control by the authorities and complain of having their freedom compromised by constantly being monitored of their movements. However, it is designated as their duty to ensure the disease doesn’t spread any further and consequently vanish away. The enforcers are therefore also the ones playing huge roles in this dire situation.

Doctors, Paramedical Staff, and Nurses in this whole scenario are playing the lead role battling directly with the virus as they are exposed to large numbers of COVID-19 patients daily. They are at such a high risk of catching the disease that they need to be fully equipped and sterilized at all times. These individuals have to deal with working long hours wearing protective equipment while many even complain of complete exhaustion under these circumstances. Their families live too have been compromised as they now have to take extra care as they could potentially be carrying the disease from hospital to their homes.

Leading the frontal response mechanism, the World Health Organization (WHO) since the beginning has been identifying and testing for research on the virus itself. It has also been leading the international response to tackle the outbreak by regularly raising awareness on the best practices to follow to save oneself and also sharing guidelines with health professionals on how to go about their procedures and testing for COVID-19.

While COVID-19 is considered to be one of the most contagious diseases with its death ratio on the higher side, it has become a world-recognized fear, and while there is no vaccine just ready yet, it is always advised to practice self-help and self-prevention first rather than asking for the cure. Helping keep yourself and others around you safe is how the situation could come back to normal and put an end to this pandemic. Therefore, taking preventive measures and cooperating with the authorities on a larger scale is the only way to survive through this hard time and eventually overcome it.


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