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Opportunities are something we cannot take for granted

Posted on: 19 August 2021

Opportunities are something we cannot take for granted. You would ask why? Something that is afforded to many in western countries but an actual privilege for those living in third world countries.

I would like to scrape the surface with unemployment in Pakistan. I firstly start by saying many countries across the globe are dealing with issues of unemployment this is something that has affected us all in a communal manner.

Opportunities start from a very young age in Pakistan. Deciding if you will attend private kindergartens of go to the overcrowded underfunded public schools. This is a privilege opportunity something we in the western world don’t think about unless we are super-rich and could afford to push the boat out.

Come 20th September 2008 the day of the Marriott Hotel bombing and the noose was pulled so tight stifling all oversea investments and business affecting the most vulnerable society which would cause ripple effects lasting for years.

For years the youth of Pakistan have not been given opportunities to excel in employment in what they spent their whole teenagers

years studying for. I have seen students from a young age in Pakistan studying at School and Colleges then at home and those who can afford it get extra help through private tutors and Academies.

Something we call after school clubs provided free by the state schools in western countries.

its only now in recent years we have seen a trend of overseas small business and those who use IT as their core of their business invest in Pakistan but not just Pakistan but in the people.

It is truly a business invest in people, providing them with employment in which the employer receives the time of the employee and the employee receives money for his time. In this way, the employee can use his monies to better his life.

We are seeing an upsurge of small business investing and setting up in Pakistan and this has been made easier by the current government and it was the initial open arms gesture by the current Prime Minister telling the world we are open for business.

Business like c2o who initially had only two staff members based in Pakistan 2016 has grown today with a total staff of 100+ providing opportunities to the youth.

Youths I have seen at c2o who are graduates in IT, Maths, Economics, and many other degrees are working in c2o, why?

Yes, why is that graduates are working in call centres trying to earn their way in life provide for their families and have some small change leftover in their wallets each month. All because of opportunities, Pakistan lacks providing employment in professional sectors. Pakistan has never tried to entice oversea investors to come and set up their business in Pakistan. Some would argue the security situation in Pakistan which is true but much elaboration has been put on the security of Pakistan by many countries wishing to stifle economic progression.

Many colleagues of mine at c2o have graduated and spent many months if not years trying to get employment in the sector they graduated in. But if there is no such jobs or those jobs which do exist are already saturated then what does one do.

We have to accept what we can, we do the next best thing and this is why it is grateful business like c2o invest in Pakistan. We need to show the world that you can come to do business in Pakistan, you can set up and you will be welcomed. Pakistan is making it a priority to ensure safety for those who wish to come to weather it’s for a holiday or to start a business here.

Small business who are growing rapidly in Pakistan continue here in Pakistan will show it is possible to set up and run a successful business.

So we should applaud those who come from overseas to invest in Pakistan. To help build and make Pakistan a stronger economy in which we can all thrive.

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