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Facts About The Kashmir Conflict - c2o

Posted on: 5 Febuary 2021

c2o supports the Kashmiri plight and believes that both the Indian and Pakistani governments must engage in positive bilateral dialogue. We are not a nation of savages; treating people like livestock is never going to be acceptable to any civilised society.

Mr. Modi and Mr. Khan are both leaders of 1.5 billion people and c2o believes that these poor relations need to stop.

Both leaders have a strong mandate and have more than four years left in their terms. So there is no need to continue with this damaging situation.

The press has a major role to play and governments need to give press real freedom Kashmir. Both countries stifle journalists although it is another one of those idiosyncratic nuances that exist between what should be two brotherly nations that the press is free. The Indian press very jingoistic in it’s approach due to state control and of course Pakistan bashing sells copy. Whereas, the Pakistanis are more measured, but also bash out their fair share of partisan opinion

For a Westerner looking inwards, it is almost impossible to believe that 1.5 billion people are sucked in by lying politicians.

Pakistan has a leader who is idealistic, but generally respected, managing his country is still developing. Modi had manage a 3 trillion 3GDP with 1.3 billion population whereas say the UK has achieved this with just 66 million people, India still has a very long way to go. We say who are they both kidding in many ways?

The next decade will be extremely telling with Pakistan most definitely joining the Trillion dollar club by 2030. Only then will it have more allies as this materialistic world panders to Pak Sar Zameen for what it can get out it. This will all rely on Khan remaining as a erstwhile leader

c2o supply call centre services to all taxi companies in the UK and we also see Indian and Pakistani people living side by side in UK. If this can happen abroad it can certainly happen at home.

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