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c2o 6 simple steps to turning expenses into income

Posted on: 3 September 2021

c2o: 6 simple steps to turning expenses into income

  1. Half your wage cost
  2. The saving is now an income
  3. Give customers more time
  4. Customer base increases
  5. Hire more staff to cope with demand
  6. Use your savings to buy out the competition

Unfair Competition

The minimum wage in United Kingdom is about to increase to £8.21 in April 2019 and this will heap more pressure on taxi operators.The likes of Uber and other tech giants don’t have to pay call centre staff and rely on their Apps to do the job for them.

IVR can take some of the pressure and many have achieved over 50% automation, however taxi companies will always need base operators so customers can talk to a real person.

Putting some of your operators somewhere else will more than half you wage bill very quickly.

How to use your new income

It is surprising that even small savings can make a huge difference to your cash flow. How many times have you had a pile of notes on your desk and then by the afternoon your base operators have come to get their money and you find yourself dodging bills.

First things first, use your new income to build a reserve fund, remember you would have given this money away in the past so there is no need to spend it immediately.

Don’t rush your customers

Lack of money is not the only thing that can hurt your taxi business.If a customer calls one of your CSR’s and is upset then they should be afforded time to solve their problem.

There is always a temptation to fob them off because you are missing calls.This is where are chat agent or someone dealing with your emails and Facebook invaluable Instead of spreading your workforce thinly, have one dedicated person to deal with all your complaints.

c2o can solve your taxi office call centre problems.We are more than just a call centre, we can advise you on all matters related to your taxi company. We always welcome calls from taxi companies all over the UK and Ireland.

More Customers

Your new found financial freedoms will magically increase your custom base and you will need to take on more drivers to cover this work.

Without exception, every one of outsource companies have grown since they have taken the decision to take taxi operators from c2o.


The great thing about job growth and reduction in base staff cost is that you can hire more base operators for as little as £3 per hour.Pay monthly and have no further costs such as holiday pay, sick pay.

Fair Competition

Undercutting is always frowned upon in the UK taxi industry, but is still widely practiced to get the work from competitors.

Taxi companies must see outsourcing as redistribution of where their money is coming from. No need to undercut and in fact higher fares will encourage drivers to come and join your taxi circuit.

The reserve money we talked about earlier will, within 12 months be enough to offer to buy out your rivals.They simply will not be able to cope with your new weapon. Our most successful client has managed to gain 70% of the market share in their area after just 2 years of using our services.

What are you thinking about

If your taxi company has been going backwards for a while, you need to consider your decision making.A new course provide by c2o may be exactly what the doctor ordered for your taxi company.

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